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Windows Version :: creation of new note when searching

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Hi Support, 

I would like to mention a bug that annoyed me since the previous version. 
What is happening is, that i use alot the search function, and for some reason, this is working pretty anoying. 
There are 3 problems here:
1) . When i've a long searchterm, the application begins searching the notes while i'm still typing (nothing wrong with that) but wat is happeling as well is 
that it looses the focus on the searchbar, so when i'm typing in my searchbox i have to click again in my searchbox to set the focus back to the searchbox when my searching is not completed... 
2). nother thing is that during that search, somethimes existing notes will duplicate and will get the name of the searchstring that i"m entering during the search. 
an example:
lets say i'm searching for the the following: "tag:powershell invoke-webrequest"
i will be able to type a certain length of that searchterm for example "tag-powershell invoke-webre"
and then it start searching while i'm still typing....
so i click again in the searchbox to add "quest" and it will find my note.... 
but when i sort all my notes ( to see the last created/modified notes ) , the i see that evernote also created a new note "quest" which can have data of a random note or just an empty notes. 
3). when i re-open a ticket to add data, and i want to insert text in the middle of the notes:
so i click in the middle of the note and start pasting text:
then suddenly it paste the text at the end of my note and not where i set that focus. 
so i've to remove the data back on the end of my note, set te focus again on the location where i want that text and paste it again. 
then suddenly it does work. 
Are these a known bugs and if not, can you investigate this ? 



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This is a known issue. Moving to a Windows-specific subforum.

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I had similar problems with Evernote search on Windows version 6.9, 6.10, and 6.11. 

No satisfactory solution from Evernote's 3rd party support people, so I reverted back to version 6.6.4 and it is working fine.

If you don't want to downgrade to an older version, you could use the workaround I used. I typed the search term into Notepad and then copied it into Evernote. Clunky, but it worked for me. 


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17 hours ago, moyue said:

all 3 ?

The first one, though they may be related...

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