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Shane D.

faq Account Access Issues: Unable to Login to Your Evernote Account

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Hi All,
We often see threads/posts from users indicating that they have lost access to their Evernote Account, and are trying to regain that access.
This can occur for a myriad of reasons, but generally the issues are related to a user losing or forgetting their password, losing the ability to access Two-Factor Authentication verification, or they lose access to the email address tied to their Evernote Account.
Given the nature of these types of access issues, users will need to open a support ticket in order to address the issue and regain access to their Evernote Account.
The reason for this is that only our customer support team has access to the tools necessary to make changes to an Evernote Account. Additionally, users may need to provide information that we do not want to make publicly visible in the discussion forums.
  1. To open a support ticket, go here.
  2. You will be prompted to login to your Evernote Account, but if you do not have your login credentials available, click on Continue as guest.
  3. From the What can we help you with? dropdown menu, select the ‘My Account’ category.
  4. From the Select a topic dropdown menu, select the type of issue you’re encountering.
  5. Once you have selected the topic, you should see the option to submit a support ticket at the bottom of the page.
    The button looks like this:
Once you have submitted the ticket, one of our support agents will reach out to you to further assist you with the issue you’re encountering.


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Hi - the support ticket submit button does not work.  How do you issue a Support Ticket?

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There is no "SUBMIT TICKET" option on evernote desktop application. I have a problem also connecting to server from my 2 of laptops. One of them is windows vista and the other one is windows 10 home. I try to fix by lots of clues from the web but no solution. My tablets and mobiles connects, they have no problem. 1572185191815-671119208.thumb.jpg.1e6c4ca0738fe7a7b908aeec7b3ec156.jpg

Only windows base  desktops have connection problem to the server over Evernote Application.



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It seems clear to me that it is a problem that different people have and that it is the same. I don't know if it's because of Google (in any other my app it works) or yours, but does it seem to you that everyone should send you a ticket to indicate the same problem? Update the Desktop app and that's it. After years of Evernote Premium we would ask you for new features, but I realize that if we have problems with the login it is completely useless ...

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