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deactive account and refund my money

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A month ago I got a free business trial. Today my free trial ended and evernote took 220 GBP/Pound from my credit card! That is incredible! Does anyone have any idea about it? I want to cancel my account and take my money back. I am not a businessman, just a Phd student..... Please please please help!

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Hi.  You gave Evernote your credit card details which might have been a clue they were going to charge you after the free month unless you cancelled or otherwise changed the package.  You can do either of those things at any time by logging in to Evernote online here and going to 'manage subscription'.

We're a -mainly- user-supported forum,  so you'll need to contact Evernote Customer Services to request a refund - follow this link and use 'payment issues' as a title,  or reach out via Twitter if that fails.

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I am having the same problem. Been trying to cancel my business subscription and have emailed Evernote with no reply.

Gazumped, I have tried your link and try to find 'payment issues' with no luck either. It just logged me out of my account.

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