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Can we PLEASE finally have an opportunity to decide which attached photo Evernote shows in its Snippet view?  Snippets are supposed to aid the user in quickly finding the note he wants; they shouldn't be designed to allow Evernote to override what the user thinks is the best representation for its snippet.  Evernote doesn't need snippets to find things, people do.

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I have that request as well. An image is worth a thousand words after all. Now more than ever, this feature is important given that images take such a prominent amount of space in 'snippets' view. And to think, this feature could be implemented with a minimum amount of coding!

I cancelled my Evernote subscription 2 years ago precisely because of this frustrating oversight. I'm just now returning (as a premium user) because I have so many notes and I need an app to manage them.

Very Kindly,

Mackenzie Marceau

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