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Request: Make an option to turn off auto-sync


Hi Evernote,

I would love if the next update had an option to sync my notes manually because when my internet is slow, it makes typing take so long, and it's frustrating. The colorful little circle shows up on the screen to tell me it wait/it's loading, and this happens constantly--every few words. 

Please update Evernote for Mac to have a manually sync option! Thank you.


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I've had to delete Skitch from all of my computers because this is so annoying. I refuse to be forced into syncing these applications. 

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Absolutely agree! The internet is not always optimal, especially when travelling. So much time wasted in Evernote with spinning beach balls and force-quitting because it freezes mid-sync. Very frustrating. Please, please bring back manual sync. I remember there used to be an option to set a timed sync too. If it’s set to sync every couple of hours, I can make a cuppa coffee while I wait...

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Autosync makes writing on notes that have more than 250 words a nightmare. Almost bad enough to negate all the good Evernote does for me...

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