This is still losing data on note merges. Set your sync settings to "Enable on demand sync." Set "purge note content" to whatever number of days you want. Go to another device (iOS, Web, Mac, another Windows PC) and upload 4 notes, all with 1MB or more attachment. Sync this PC Highlight all 4 notes by selecting note 1, and shift-click-note 4 and merge. Evernote will note ensure the note content is downloaded before merging, so it will only get the content of the first note merged and maybe the last one, but not the ones in the middle. So you will only get note 2 and 3 titles, but the content is lost in the trash. This can easily happen on just one PC if you are working on a project over a period of time, say taxes, or whatever, and at the end, you want to merge them all into a single finished note. If any of those got purged via step 2 above, you'll lose data.

A merge should FORCE all notes to be downloaded first, or at least refuse to merge if there are any unsync'd notes in the merge selection.
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