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Suspicious activity on account

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Today I had an email saying I have suspicious account activity and have to change password. I changed password and saw in history that there was an access from Netherlands. I checked another account of mine and saw that there was an access from Netherlands there too. In February I already had my account hacked and information from there stolen. Then I installed newer windows and wiped the old one and changed all passwords. The passwords are not simple, something like ASdf23w3rw21+1vdf. What could this be? Maybe there is a data leak from Evernote servers?


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I also mentioned that two accounts were accessed - they had different passwords too

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You should report this to Evernote (https://evernote.com/security/report-issue)

I don't think your password is being leaked; Evernote only knows the encrypted value.
However, there may be some backdoor access method.

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