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iPhone app redacting handwriting from PDF?

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I've been using Evernote for years, but I've encountered something I'd never seen before. I routinely keep handwritten notes in a pocket notebook or steno pad and scan them into Evernote for safekeeping and search. Today I scanned my pocket notebook, dropped the PDF into the Evernote app on my MacBook, but when I checked it in the app on my phone I saw some of the text had been removed.

I've attached two screenshots, one taken from a page from the original note in the Evernote app on my MacBook, where everything still looks fine, and the other of the same page as it appears when I call up the same PDF on my iPhone.

If I tap the Annotate button in the app on my phone, I can see the original writing on the page — but even if I annotate that page and save it, the redacted page still displays.

Is this because I put a line through some of my notes? If that's a feature in the iOS app, how can I turn it off so I can see my complete handwritten notes as I intended them to look?


iOS app.PNG

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I responded to your other post


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