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Notifications or alerts when a shared notebook or note is edited by someone.


There's a big feature missing in evernote shared notebooks. There should be a feature of getting notifications and alerts when someone edits a share note or notebook.

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I moved this from Android Feature Requests to General Feature Requests, as this is not a platform-specific request.

I think it's a good idea. While there is a third party option that gazumped linked to above, some may prefer native functionality. Could be a useful feature to add to a tiered level of EN subscription (e.g., Plus or Premium). Maybe EN can buy SureFocus.

For those who like the suggestion, add your vote by clicking the up-arrow to the left of the thread title.

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4 hours ago, hodah said:



Please don't - it's fine to vote,  and to encourage others to vote.  But bumping topics is just noise (and against Forum rules).  There are suggested features that have up to 400 votes,  this one has (currently) 10.  Evernote tends to prioritise features that will benefit the majority of members,  and the company doesn't, ever,  (hardly) ever,  comment on whether or why they adopt some ideas and not others...

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7 hours ago, brunolopes said:

You can't call evernote a tool for team work and project management without this feature.

See my post in April last year in this thread and Evernote Business for more...

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