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Degraded image annotation experience in

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After upgrading to there is no annotate icon appers while hover over image in the note. I beleive this occres because of zoom image feature which is introduced in
Out team is heavy annotation users. Is there any way to disable zoom feature and bring back annotate icon which shold appear on hover mouce over the image?


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Hi.  It's always best to report missing features and bugs on the release thread where the developers will be watching for reactions,  rather than in a separate post which may not be noticed for some time.  There is still an option to Open the PDF file in another editor,  and annotate there,  but you'll see below that a few users have moved back to previous versions to recover 'lost' usability - that might be the easiest and quickest route if you are a heavy user of the annotation feature. 


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Thank you. I have already posted to the release thread, but haven't got an answer yet.

I had to downgrade, you are right. Do you agree that it is weird idea to downgrade to restore features? I believe that  Evernote should more precisely treat breaking yearly existing features, may be put some registry keys to turn off or turn on that removed functionality. When you have hundreds of millions of users you should be way careful when removing features. I astonished because on 6.6 and later we lost drag from the app to another apps functionality, which was quite useful from day one. And there are at least 6 next releases, and the bug is still there.

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I agree it absolutely should not be required that users downgrade to a previous version to preserve the functionality of their application.  As you say,  with 200M+ users,  Evernote should be taking every precaution not to make any changes which affect their customers' use of this product!

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