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Hi, how can we rename a tag, with any other existing tag name?
For example, I have a tag name "defence sector", which has more than 50 notes. I want to replace tag "defence sector" with "defence". How do I do that?
I mean, replacing a tag with another tag.

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Switch to the Tag Page
     - click on the sidebar tag icon
      or menu View > Tags5acb830e85d80_ScreenShot2018-04-09at08_12_24.png.dc6e5a8ceff98cd7c0fbb4898c92685a.png
Right Click on the Tag > Rename

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continue this topic.

I'm using latest 7.2.3 MAC version. I really want to rename a tag while I'm in the note instead of switch to another view and find the tag I want and then do the renaming.

I only have the following three options. Do we have plan to add one option of "rename the tag" here?




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Evernote Windows shows a full array of options when right clicking a tag. Evernote Mac shows me one, delete tag. In version 7.8 you still have to go into the Tag View. Very unintuitive. Sometimes it feels like the different Evernote platforms aren't even the same piece of software.

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