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Smart Tags: Smart Year Tags 2018 2017 2016


Things like "Years" 'Dates" "Months" (dates as whole dates and also as individual components by themselves) should all be treated as smart tags automatically.  Instead of requiring me to make a tag before I can send to it in email, please let me just add any year or date or month or day of week automatically to any note and send in via email so that i can be organized on a whim. 

this would 

1) make our tag lists more condensed and organized (Would create more screen real estate on phones and desktop as if i have a list of 10 different years that i tag notes with then it makes a list)  

2) make inputting of notes easier and more streamlined

Note: i find that yes, i can technically search by date in the apps some how - at least on desktop i know i can, but the date the note was created is not always the date that i'm tagging something with and searching by date is not visually infront of us, and only needs to appear as a tag option if we happend to lable stuff as it.  You can put it all under a single smart tag group called "calendar" for notes deliberately tagged with certain dates days of week, months or years.


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