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Dirk Dutchman

Date format YYYYMMDD in shortcut and Title of notes



I have over thousands of notes. Each note starts with a date and then the Title, like " 20180323 Title".

This I have to insert manually. There is a shortcut option SHIFT-CMD-D, however the date format that I need is not in there!

Can you please add the date format YYYYMMDD to the shortcut date options?

Can you also create an option where a note Title can start automatically with the date field YYYYMMDD? 


This really makes Evernote much more efficient. The impact on other user's functionality is nearly zero. So that should not hold you back on this one!

Best, Dirk

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A lot of people use third-party applications do implement this sort of solution. In the Windows world, there is AutoHotKey and PhraseExpress. I don't know what solutions there are for the Mac world.

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