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Upgraded to Plus, account isn't upgraded...

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I bought Plus through Itunes, it said the purchase was successful, but my account doesn't seem any different and in account info it still shows it as the basic package. I tried once again to buy it but it says it's already purchased. So, what now? 

It also shows in my itunes subscriptions that I am subscribed to Plus by the way.

Edit: Whelp, it's all good now. I guess I just had to update Evernote. Idk how to delete posts

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Hi.  As you found out,  iTunes sometimes takes a little while to update Evernote that an account has been changed.  It's much quicker to make changes from your Account Summary page online - look for the link to  'manage your account'.  You can delete your post if you want..  look for 'options' by the + icon a little below and to the left of your text.  The only option is 'delete'.

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