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Will my zipfile in Evernote still open if I trash the original folder which is in my Hard Drive?

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 I have a folder in my hard drive which contains subfolders, jpgs, pdfs, word docs and so on. If I dump the entire top-level folder to my Paid Evernote (Version 6.14 Beta 3 (456163 Direct)), I then get a zipfile in Evernote that opens all the subfolders and files. So what happens if I put the original Master Folder (in my Hard Drive) in the Trash and empty the Trash. Will the zip file still open all my subfiles? My understanding is that it will.

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You can store a .zip file in Evernote as an attachment to a note.  
Assuming the .zip file contains all your data, you won't lose any data.  I see no reason to keep the original Master Folder.

I don't like using Evernote to create the .zip file, but it seems to work ok (Mac)
I'd be careful opening the .zip file using Evernote;  updates won't be recognized

  • Better to export the zip file and open it externally; you've recreated your Master Folder
  • Re-zip the data and import back to the note

Is there a reason you're storing your data this way 

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