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Andrea Michelle

Margins and Printing Borders

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Evernote has limited print features.
My solution would be to transfer the note data to a word processing app

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6 hours ago, Andrea Michelle said:


Hi, How can I edit the margin sizes and see page border lines so I can format pages? Thank you!


Sometimes you can change the preferences using the actual printer dialogue boxes.

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Something recently changed in an evernote update and printing on any printer now has terribly wide margins leading to excess pages to print.

This is very, very disruptive to efficient printing, sharing, and note preparation for a program that's supposed to be my external brain. 

Anyone have suggestions on how to fix this? I've been through ALL evernote and printer settings and cannot find any fix. It's SUDDENLY began happening on multiple computers and multiple printers at multiple locations 2-3 weeks ago.

Attached example of how ridiculous the margins are.

Evernote Print Margins.JPG

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What a relief. Found the solution....it seemed to disappear, but now it's back and working.

File/Page Setup/Margins. 

Printing is now useable again, and trees are singing songs of thanks.


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