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Notes erase new text

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Sometimes, and this seems to happen when I'm having issues with my WiFi, I will start typing in a note and then, suddenly, it will remove my additions. Like I'll type "Now is the time," and then after a moment's thought I'll type "for all good men to come to the aid of their country" and suddenly the new text will disappear and I'll just have "Now is the time." 

As I say, this seems to only happen if my connection is spotty, but I can't help but feel that wiping out all my text because of a sync issue is not how anyone would choose to design a note-taking application.

What can I do about this?

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I would also love to know. I really don't appreciate my information being wiped out at random.

As I type this I just lost 20 minutes worth of notes. Thanks..

This is seriously poor design if it can't handle a syncing issue without wiping out user data. The user data is there in the browser, and it should wait until it can sync it. Somewhere in the code it's making a choice to delete the users input.. 

Is this an active bug issue? is it being worked on? Is there a fix in the pipeline?

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