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Keys not responsive in note editing

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I've been having issues with entering keystrokes while editing notes.

Preamble: I prefer editing notes from within the notes panel (not with notes as a free-floating window) since it reduces the number of windows on my desktop.

I'm noticing when I switch back to the Evernote window from a different app the cursor will be blinking in the note panel, indicating any input or keystroke will add corresponding text. But when I start typing, nothing gets input.

I will then have to place my cursor back in the notes panel where I want to input or change text manually and start typing again.

Evernote for some reason is not wanting to go back into edit mode when I switch back to the app.

The issue popped up within the last month or so. I'm currently using Evernote This has never been an issue before.

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Same issue here. I switch between apps a lot, and each time I come back to Evernote I click in the note, start typing... realise it isn't working, click again, start typing again... it's very frustrating.

I also copy text directly from PDFs in Evernote to paste into other apps. Now I drag the text to highlight it, and as soon as I press Ctrl-C the selection gets lost and I have to reselect. Not sure if this is the same issue as above, or a different one. But seems to be linked.

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