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Website Link Question ~ Help my Soul ~ !

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Hello Community!

I'm a design, that requires saving/bookmark tonnes of website links for future reference.
Every time when I hover over a website link in my notes, a bubble pops up with the options to Edit/Remove.
(Please refer to attached image to understand what I'm referring too)

Please tell me there is a way to disable that, it's eating up my soul every time when it pops up and prevent me from reading the next line under.



Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 5.22.20 PM.png

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Some how I kit Enter and it got posted, before I'm done.

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Hi.  What Evernote version are you using? And what's your OS - Desktop / mobile/ Mac / Windows?

I don't have that experience on Windows Desktop or Android.

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Hello Gazumped,

I'm currently running Evernote through my Chrom browser on my Mac Pro OS High Sierra 10.13.2.
Hope this information helps =D

Cheers, MBB

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I just tested, and I also find that this happens in the Web browser version of Evernote (using Opera on Windows 7). As @gazumped said, it does not happen in the Windows desktop program; I don't know about the Mac program. I doubt that there are any settings in the Web version that could be changed to eliminate this. I can see that it would be very disruptive in a list of links! It should disappear, though, when you move your mouse pointer away from a link.

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