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Severe bug causes loss of Notes on all devices

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I am using Evernote on different devices: Windows 10 Desktop, Mac OS, iOS (iPhone and iPad). All updated on the latest versions.

The Windows Version has now caused a severe error for the second time. I experienced the same one week ago and I reinstalled Evernote after it and hoped it wouldn't happen again, but it did right now.

It's not so easy to explain, I hope you can follow:

  • I am working on Evernote Windows Desktop on different notes (jump from one note to another, make some changes, jump back to the old one and so on).
  • At one Point, the Content of Note A is entirely replaced by the Content of Note B. The title is still correct but the note content is replaced. It is critical to terminate the app imidiately now, if you don't want that other notes will be affected in the same way.
  • If I sync to other devices now, the note Content stays as it was displayed in the Windows app. In other word, the old Content of Note A is completely lost. There is no way to use "Step backwards" or something, the content of the replaced note is lost forever.

Just to make this clear: this is propably the most severe kind of error your app could have. I am using Evernote since 10 years and I have >3.000 notes. Many notes, especially the old ones, have a high personal value for me. My trust in Evernote has been sensitively damaged now.

I have to add, that I am really disappointed by you guys. Bugs can happen. Sure. But not this kind of bug. Which value has Evernote if I have to fear that some stupid bug destroys my 10 years old memories?

Do you know that bug? Is there a chance that you fix it one day?



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4 hours ago, kthesun said:

There is no way to use "Step backwards" or something, the content of the replaced note is lost forever.

Data corruption in a note can be annoying.
My recovery method is to restore the contents from backups
I have personal backups, and Evernote has a Note History backup

Access to the Note History data is a paid feature, but you can subscribe for a single month

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I have the exact the same problem. I was forced to pay for Evernote business because I have to access note history. However, I just found that I can't access note history in shared note! I hope support team can fix that. If not, I have to cancel and find a new app :(

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