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Apple Watch Buttons for blinds and visual impairments


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I use evernote on iPad, iPhone, Watch and Mac for a very long time and I am very satisfied with it. However, there are two points I would like to have changed or supplemented. That would be for the Apple Watch:

The Apple Watch is like many devices also available via VoiceOver. In your Watch app, this is not possible because tyou did not name the buttons. As soon as VoiceOver is activated and you click on one of the zwo buttons, only "key" is spoken. This is incomprehensible especially for blind people and therefore not effective. I therefore ask for naming the 
An that is for The iPhone and iPad:
With the possibility of reversing colors in the iPhone, a person with visual impairments has the option to make the background dark (for example, night mode). This is also very well possible with their software, but the bar in the normal state is White, then bang is black. It would therefore be nice if you would offer a night mode completely, or that you can make the colors of the bar independently. here, for example, would be appropriate either white as well as the software, or the whole area bars and soft would be black in night mode. thank you very much! Sincerely, Dominik

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