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Hot keys for ink notes

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Good evening,
I would like to know if there is the possibility to assign a combination of keys (eg ctrl + alt + n new note) for the insertion of ink notes

I have a hp elite x2 with a wacom pen and I would like to associate the combination of keys with the pen click that allows me to directly insert an ink note.

Thank you

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Not sure if you can assign a combination like that but I would do the

ALT + F + N + I (not simultaneously) on Windows app.

You can have a text expander (such as Breevy for Windows) to simulate that with less keys too if you want to take it further.

Hope this helps.

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It works, great !!!

I did as follow: one click -> open evernote ; double click -> ALT F N N (Italian combination)


A little trouble: the double click works with the program that you are using in that moment. For example, if I am working with excel and I get the double click, the result is a new folder !!! In order to have an ink note, before I have to get one click (open evernote), and than double click (ink note)

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7 hours ago, marcoste said:

It works, great !!!

Glad it works for you (even with some trouble) at this time.

Can you customize the double click setting of the Wacom pen under its preferences?

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