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Evernote desktop keeps popping up a printer dialog window every time I open a PDF note!!

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Hi, I've got evernote dekstop verision (306387) Public (CE Build ce-1.36.3494) on Windows 8.1. Every time I click on a note I saved from a PDF document (or clipped an open pdf doc to a note) a printer dialog window opens up asking me to choose a printer and I have to click 'cancel' each time. I deleted the note and added it again as a different pdf document (previously saved under a different name) and the same thing happens. Just to clarify, I don't want to print anything and I'm not clicking anywhere to 'print' nor pressing any keyboard shortcuts that would instigate this. I simply single-click on notes on the left pane to preview, and only this particular note initiates this every time I click on it. How do I stop this?


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I was having the same problem. It seems to be something connected saving a pdf from within Chrome pdf viewer to Evernote...at least for me. If I download the pdf first to my hard drive and then create a new note and use the "Attach Files..." option to bring in the pdf I then don't get the print dialogue popping up each time I view that note.

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I had the same issue.  I think it is related to a specific pdf file that has a javascript function that calls the print dialog whenever you open it.

To solved it I followed this:

1.- Open the file with Foxit Reader...you get "Foxit reader doesn't allow to run Javascript" warning.

2.-  Print the PDF file to a new PDF file using "Print ->"Foxit Reader PDF Printer"

3.- Attach the new file to Evernote.


Hope this helps.

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