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One of my primary frustrations for Evernote is that it doesn't look the same everywhere. I don't even have the same font choices between the web interface and the Mac interface. That's a bit bothersome by itself, but what makes it much worse is that I will select all the text in a note on my Mac and format it to the same font face and size, and then when I look at the same note on the web interface, different paragraphs are in different font faces/sizes! How frustrating. I'm constantly wasting time by reformatting between the two interfaces. Please fix this so they are consistent, thank you.

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I VERY MUCH AGREE!! I also do NOT like that straight quotes seem to be an only option in Evernote, yet if I copy something from MS Word, I Evernote seems to allow for the formatted curly quotation marks; SAME with the single quote marks!! How frustrating!!

Evernote seems to make it a point to emphasize how important notes are and that writing and presentations are. Well, so is being able to FORMAT and express oneself, and I pride myself on how things look. Please, Evernote, make this something you do. 

Thanks, sooo MUCH, 





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