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Align Web app across browsers


Can you please align the functionality of the web app between browsers? Specifically, why can't I add a code block in Firefox but only in Chrome? Why can't I select a file from Google Drive in Firefox but only in Chrome (and yeah, I understand the integration of Chrome with Google services but this same functionality can be added to FF).

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Hi.  I recently switched from Firefox to Opera and you can also make code blocks in Opera - but you're totally correct;  there's no such facility (directly) in Firefox.  Which is odd - but Chrome and Firefox are different OS's,  so the fact it's possible in one wouldn't necessarily mean it's easily done in the other.  Or maybe they just forgot.  But we are using the 'common editor' now,  written by Evernote...maybe with more bells and whistle in some browsers than in others.

Anyhoo - easy workaround,  as in my Firefox screengrab below,  is to create a code block template note elsewhere and copy that template each time you need the feature. 

...Oh wait;  copying a note in Evernote Web is not exactly easy either....  :huh:



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