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‘Simplify Formatting’ — Apply ONLY to Selected Text (Entire Note If No Text Selected)


I don’t use ‘Simplify Text’ very often, but every time I do, I think logically...I think that I can just select the text for which I want the ‘Simplify Formatting’ applied. However, I’m quickly reminded the function does not work logically. It instead applies to the entire note regardless if anything is selected, so I lose all the formatting I had wanted to keep in the rest of the note. ?

i searched this forum and didn’t see where anyone else has requested what I’m requesting, which kind of surprised me, as I don’t think what I’m expecting is that odd. As I said before, it seems logical to me.

So anyway, my request is:

Please modify the behavior of ‘Simplify Formatting’ to first look to see if any text is selected and if so, act ONLY on the selected text;  otherwise, if no text is selected, then act on the entire note contents.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of my request!  ?

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Agreed (actually I mean "Make plain text"). I am trying to remove an Indent Level that doesn't go away and it's driving me crazy

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