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So, I hate using smartphones to replace computers.

I've been using computers since '84, & nothing about a smartphone is easy for me not to mention it's a very lame chopped down version of the real thing & I'm not just talking about Evernote.

So I've been unable to copy one link out of let's say 4 links in a note so I can paste it to someone in a text or WhatsApp, etc.

Also, whenever I want to open that link in a browser, clicking on it, or even holding it down doesn't do it. :(

What am I doing wrong?


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Hi.  In Android versions 6 & 7,  copying a link to paste elsewhere is an OS-level activity - press and hold to get handles,  select the full link and tap 'copy' or 'paste'.  Opening a link in a browser should be a matter of tapping the visible text - though it would have to be an active blue or green underlined link.

As to lame chopped down versions,  I believe a few guys made it to the Moon using less processing power than you're carrying around...


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15 hours ago, RapidFinancialSolutions said:

Yeh, nothing happens when I tap it or hold it down although it does change color.

I've experienced this sometimes (unpredictably) also. Sometimes opening the note for editing helps, sometimes just tapping it till it responds does the job. Don't know whether this is caused by Evernote, Android, or some interaction between them.

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Ok, so...

I tried it again & if you click on the 3 dots on the top right, it asks you if you want to copy an internal link. When I do that & paste it, it pastes an Evernote share link which I DON'T want.

When I do it your way Dave, I can copy & it gives me just the link, so thank you.

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