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8.4.1357747 - Note load extremely slowly, if at all.


I have tried to leave this beta feedback within the app, but there is no evidence that anyone reads those messages.  The current version of EN is syncing extremely slowly on my iPad Pro and specific notes are very slow to load (spinning icon in center of note field) sometimes terminating the load process instead with message:  “Error - Time for loading expired” (paraphrase).  This problem makes EN essentially unusable in a mobile environment. 


Jay Fogleman. 

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Same is happening to me with an iPad  mini 4.

I have contacted EN support. (I have a Premium subscription) , we tried everything (clearing cache , uninstall /reinstall, deleting all off line notes, testing  a note from EN support ,etc ), nothing fixed the problem.


myself, I also have the problem with an unusual delay while filtering  tags 

before reading your post , I was going to start from  scratch with the iPad (reset to factory settings), now I doubt it’s the hardware

Sometime  works better for me while offline (no internet connection).I don’t know , it’svery frustrating 



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