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How can I go directly to the end of a note when openin it?

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I switch from one note to another many times in a short period of time. 

Each time I open a note, it leeds me to the upper part, so I have to scroll down or use key commands (my notes are long ones) to write a new line. I find this is not convenient at all.

Is there any way in the settings to go straight to the lower part of a note when opening it? 

I would really appreciate your help.


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If you are using a desktop version try opening both notes (double click them from the list) and see if that allows the behavior you want. 

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When focus is in the note, Ctrl-End will take you to the bottom of the note.  No way of which I am aware to open a note at the bottom. 

Per @eafpres if you open the note in its own window when you return to the window the cursor should be where you left it.

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