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Mohiomap is no longer working

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Hello was anyone here, like me, an avid user of mohiomap (moh.io)?

It seems to me that for several weeks the service has been fraught with bugs and now seemingly has been killed: connection not available, support not responding by mail, on Twitter, Google plus.

Has anyone else had this experience and is there anything decent that might replace it, since it was a fantastic service that enables you to do visual modelling with your Evernotes.

Thanks in advance, regards, Mark

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Hi.  Not sure what you're experiencing,  but I just logged into my account without issues*.  I'm not an avid user,  but it comes in handy from time to time.  I seem to recall getting a 'new features!!' email as the last contact - maybe they're a little busy at the moment :)

A quick Google turned up this entry down the page here - https://www.producthunt.com/alternatives/text-2-mind-map


..and that's allegedly from last month.

* OK - update:  I logged in OK and was getting a 'processing new entries' page,  but that's now failed twice with DropBox connection problems. Agreed I can't find anything else online after December 2016.

Anyone else using this software with better results?

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I have the same problem. I stopped paying for Mohio after my messages to helpdesk were not answered. I tried last week - using the trial version. Stil the same, connection errors. Is there an alternative? 

screen 1.jpg

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Hmmn.  I'm still getting a webpage that tells me Mohiomaps is processing my account,  but even left for 20 minutes or more I just get that message.  To be fair it's a BIG account..

I didn't pay much attention (sorry,  Mohiomaps) but I vaguely recall getting an update email in the past few months which suggested that the basic free account was being discontinued,  and if I wanted to keep using the service I'd have to subscribe - the web page now doesn't have a freeby option:  https://www.moh.io/pricing/

I don't know what date that applied from,  but I'd guess if you don't pay for your access you're going to find it hard to get further than that initial screen.  It would be nice if the guys posted a warning to say the free account has been discontinued / trial period is over when you try to log in off old credentials...

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So Moh.io is down? The site cannot even be reached anymore. I really need a possibility to access my notes in form of a mind map! Any news on that?

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2 hours ago, Tom Solid said:

So Moh.io is down? The site cannot even be reached anymore. I really need a possibility to access my notes in form of a mind map! Any news on that?

Agreed - 'server not found' error for me -

The page as of early March...


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I thought MohioMap was a great idea and had great potential. However, I was not able to utilize it the way I thought I would. The visual was really nice and helpful but it was not giving me any beneficial "connections" or new ideas. It felt like it was missing.


I do hope that they come back with a better solution that works and makes them stay in business. The visual aspect of any app is becoming more and more crucial, mind maps, trello boards, they all hit that perfect balance for me. I hope we can see something similar like MohioMap for Evernote. I would really enjoy it.

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Hi, I found Mohiomap about 1 year ago.  I signed up and recall paying $40.00 for a one-year premium experience.  The Mohiomap program did not work from day one.  For months I would send my problems to their development team, and sporadically I would receive a communique, and from time to time I would receive an apology email stating they were looking into my issues.

Move forward to today... the app never worked.  I believe the developer was receiving my e-mail, but I sensed that 'all things were not well' for this company.  

Frankly, I gave up.  I have about 5000 Evernote messages, which in comparison to many people, is a very small number.  At first sight, I thought the map would be a helpful tool.  Buyer beware.  I personally believe the company has gone under or is hanging on by a thread.  I certainly do not recommend anyone purchase the upgrade, not until they have fully tested this app and feels comfortable with their support.

Sadly, these type companies really deprave user confidence.  I had a similar challenge with Iqtell, a wonderful todo, project, email integration system.  The app was amazing and many business users became dependent upon Iqtell.  One day the owner decided to close down the app leaving many users to find an alternative.

I hope you the best as you search for an alternative to Mohiomap.   Blessings to all.

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2 hours ago, Busterbob said:

I hope you the best as you search for an alternative to Mohiomap.

Anyone got any suggestions?  AFAIR that was a fairly unique product,  though I've seen a variety of apps that would display my notes in different ways.  My use of Evernote seems to have defaulted to this:

  • All notes and details - Evernote
  • To-do's - TickTick with links back to Evernote notes
  • Various projects - Freeplane with links back to Evernote notes
  • Other - (like I have a calendar running in Airtable) research is done in Evernote and copied over

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I don't agree with all said above, for me moh.io was a fantastic system that I was building much of my analysis on (I found it through looking at touchgraph and mindmapping). And I miss it. There did come a time when performance issues got the better of it towards the end and it became unusable. BUT I MISS IT.

My current solution is the excellent although still rather beta kanbanote which at least allows me to spacially organise notes. 

And having discovered the excellent trello, I use backlinks to notes (and the evernote power-up).

I feel that moh.io (even carddesk) were filling a desperately empty void ... the visual representation of notes.
There are many mindmappers but none with full integration with evernote.

Droptask became an alternative at one point but not so good on mobile.
Mural.ly allowed you to pull in notes direct to a mindmap at one point but that stopped (why?)
Bubblus is fun for navigating and sizing notes by tag but its quite limited.

What else? Please do something someone ..

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