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Mohiomap is no longer working


Hello was anyone here, like me, an avid user of mohiomap (moh.io)?

It seems to me that for several weeks the service has been fought with bugs and now seemingly has been killed: connection not available, support not responding by mail, on Twitter, Google plus.

Has anyone else had this experience and is there anything decent that might replace it, since it was a fantastic service that enables you to do visual modelling with your Evernotes.

Thanks in advance, regards, Mark

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Hi.  Not sure what you're experiencing,  but I just logged into my account without issues*.  I'm not an avid user,  but it comes in handy from time to time.  I seem to recall getting a 'new features!!' email as the last contact - maybe they're a little busy at the moment :)

A quick Google turned up this entry down the page here - https://www.producthunt.com/alternatives/text-2-mind-map


..and that's allegedly from last month.

* OK - update:  I logged in OK and was getting a 'processing new entries' page,  but that's now failed twice with DropBox connection problems. Agreed I can't find anything else online after December 2016.

Anyone else using this software with better results?

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