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.webp image format unsupported by EN !?

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The .webp image format was developed by Google in 2010.  I am noticing more and more websites are using this format due to its apprently better site-speed loading performance.

The problem is that when I clip a page to EN, using 'simplified article' or any other web clipper selection, the images are obviously not appearing and in their place is a standard icon/file name all wrapped inside a boxed border.

Anyone know if EN plans on adding the .webp format to their existing .jpg and ,png formats?

Attached is an example note i just clipped...cheers



ScreenCap_439 Sep. 08, 2017.jpg

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Hi.  This was already dealt with in another thread.  Evernote don't currently cover this file type,  though they do include what seem to be amongst the top five image formats available.  Evernote also don't (usually) comment on individual feature requests,  though they do prioritise the most popular and the easiest to implement,  especially if supported by a large group of users.  Don't know how much work is involved for them in adding another format to display reliably in several different operating systems and dozens of devices,  but it would seem unlikely that they'll be able to add this option anytime soon,  even if they choose to do so.

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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

This was already dealt with in another thread.

There's more than one, actually, all of which I found using forum search for All content with the search 'webp'. There's a feature request here: 


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2 hours ago, time-capsule said:

Please add support!

Please go to the previously cited feature request(s) and add your vote.

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