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Loss of language copy/paste with 6.12.1 update

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I just updated the desktop app yesterday because I was prompted to. Now I when I copy my existing notes that contain foreign languages (like Chinese) and paste them in to other apps (like Notes, or Pages, or Word) the characters show up like ascii or some weird code instead.

Need this fixed... 
The web app seems to still work, but I need it to work offline



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Hi.  If this is something which arose after the latest update,  you're best off posting in the release thread where the developers will be watching.  Is this the one you're using?  Released 4 days ago?


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Yes, I have same problem after last update - 6.12.1 (for Mac)

Problem only with Russian language. You can check screenshot.

Снимок экрана 2017-09-06 в 12.15.15.jpg

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Yes, I have the same problem...  Need help quick...  I couldn't use any or my Chinese character content to generate any other work anymore...

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