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Alternative for Evernote Sticky Notes


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No alternatives that I'm aware of - I'll be interested to see if anyone has any pointers. 

It might be helpful if you can give us some idea of what use you have for sticky notes / what sort of capabilities you'd like to see in a replacement app... is it the ability to connect one or more additional comments to a note on screen?  A persistent reminder on your home page / desktop?

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Darn, I was afraid of that.

The main use / advantage of Sticky Notes for me is the fact that they appear my desktop (Windows) all the time. Although I occasionally create more, I primarily have two Sticky Notes that I work with - one is a "scratchpad" that I use it to jot down random stuff, notes when people call, etc and the other is my "to do" list. Having them open on my desktop all the time saves me from having to open Evernote whenever I want to work with them.

I thought about just using two Evernote notes and keeping them open all the time but I like the fact that the Sticky Notes notes are small and that they load/open with Windows without me needing to do anything.

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Someone else might have other suggestions - I tend to use Workflowy as my scratchpad for ideas and to do items.  It's a Chome stand-alone app and a browser pinned tab depending where I'm working - https://workflowy.com

Frank Degenaar (who's by way of being a Friend of the Forum) has a big run-down on that app on his site - http://www.productivitymashup.com/do-way-way-more-in-workflowy/

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