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How Do I Disable "Context" Without Premium Account? Also, Weird Margins in Notes.

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I used to have a Premium account, downgraded to Plus on renewal because I really didn't need the extra features in Premium and I am also bitter about the price increase. On one of my PCs, I started having way too much "Not Responding" lag time so I uninstalled the client, ditched the database folder, reinstalled and rebuilt my database hoping that would speed things up. As part of that I have to re-set all my toolbars and settings, etc. No biggie there. Unfortunately though, my fresh install has unearthed the Context option and I cannot seem to figure out how to turn it off. I had it turned off in my previous iteration and I'm assuming I disabled it when my account was still Premium and it kept that setting through all the upgrades. HIDING IS NOT AN OPTION; I WANT IT GONE. Any ideas? 

Also, as a secondary question, my notes now have these ridiculous side margins. Any thoughts on fixing that? 

I'm on Win 7, fresh install of EN so the most recent release. Thanks!



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