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Public Links to notes always open in a new tab


Hello fellow Evernoters,

as I use the web feature more and more to comunicate with my Clients, I find more and more opportunities to improve the user experience and make Evernote a better place to create and consume content :)

My proposal is to review the Public Link function: as far as I have seen it is not possible to choose between opening a link from within the same tab or choose to have it open in a new tab. Right now all external links open to new tabs and this is not always a good thing: for example if you have created a list of notes to share grouped on an index note, you'll want to place a "return to index" link on all notes so the user can surf the notes as if it were a small website. Now at every click on the "back to index" opens the index in a new tab and this can quickly get out of control and get people frustrated. 


My Proposal

Introduce the possibility to opt to open a link in the same tab or a new one (and why not give the option of opening in a new window?) 

If this is not possible then I would opt for external links to open in the tab they are being clicked on - opening in a new tab just doesn't work IMHO.

Thanks for your attention and feedback,





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Hmmn.  Thanks.  Hadn't thought of this as an issue...  I have a few shares where the 'index page' note contains public links to other notes,  and they have links between themselves and back to the index.  It's a mini-website,  though a bit clunky to set up,  and not exactly scalable.  In my Firefox browser,  all these links open in a new tab window - my Firefox's General Settings might explain that.


It's also possible to right click on links and choose 'Open in New Tab' or (depending on your mouse) middle-click to do so.

It hadn't occurred to me that other people might see things behaving differently..  have to make sure I train out some suitable help comments!

If you could embed HTML in a note,  it would be possible to add the extra commands to the link.  But this is something that is done to a 'bare' link to make it open in a specific way.  I'm not sure it would be technically possible to include the variations in the public link which is generated by Evernote. 

Link-shortening companies like Bitly offer additional services like monitoring the number of clicks your link gets.  I don't know if they offer anything like this,  but a trawl around their web sites,  and possibly an enquiry email or two might be interesting...


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