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I use helper to record meetings, but forget to end the recording after the meetings, which means the recorder keeps recording forever. Would be helpful to have either a time limit or a pop up after a certain time to ask if session is still being recorded, requiring manual input to continue recording, or automatically stop the recording.  Also, an editing tool to at least to delete the end of the recording.

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With about a zillion features to add and some continuing bugs to fix (and new OS and browser versions always coming down the pike) I'd suggest Evernote wouldn't get around to this sort of thing for a while.  I use a third-party app (of which there are hundreds) for my recording,  not because of any defect in Evernote's basic recorder,  but because

  • a bespoke app will always have more features than something that also does a lot of other things
  • I can look up other information and write notes without risking the recording
  • the result gets saved as an MP3 which can be attached to a note and played almost anywhere
  • there's an (optional) big flashing red dot on the screen to remind me to kill the recorder at the end

I edit audio later in Audacity which gives me complete editorial control.

I also use an app called Cogi which records a loop of 30 seconds of audio.  If I hear something important I'll hit the 'record' button which then saves the previous 30 seconds (including the lightbulb phrase I just heard) and goes on to record to the end of an idea or a comment.  Then it goes back to monitoring for the next time...

So you don't need to troll through an hour's worth of chat for the 10 minutes of gold - you just save a few short files with informative titles like "Kepler's three laws"

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