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Enhancing Bulleted Lists


Hi Evernote,

First off -- EN is THE product I do all of my work in, I couldn't do it without you!  I have one suggestion that I think would make numbered bulleted lists even better:  When you are creating a series of bullets in Word it is possible to start at #1, add text, press return and then tab in to add sub-bullets (usually a,b,c), hit return again and then hit delete to back up to the indent of the original bullet without moving on to #2.  This allows you to add additional text to #1 and then, when you are ready, hit return and continue the numbering at #2.  This is not currently possible in EN and makes it impossible to add a conclusion or summary after a series of bullets and then continue.  I work in Product Management and bullets are vital in describing user journeys and any other kind of process--this is so easy to do in Word but I would MUCH rather do it in EN.

Just a thought!

Keep up the terrific work!

All the best,

Ian Campsall

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27 minutes ago, iancampsall said:

I have one suggestion that I think would make numbered bulleted lists even better:

I didn't quite understand the request, but the bottom line is that I don't think you'll ever see Evernote lists with all the feature of a dedicated word processor app. My recommendation is to continue to use an editor like Word and add the file as a note attachment.  Evernote works well with office/iwork files.

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