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Светослав Стойков

How to stop forwarding mails to Evernote?

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Hi all,

I've the following issue. As for some years I was subscribed to premium EN (now I'm using the basic package once more) I used to forward my mails from (gmail/work email/etc.) to EN.  Now, I don't need to forward mails as my work does not require it. So how to stop forwarding mail?

I've tried to stop it by changing my EN mail-address, and this is the message I'm getting.

We couldn’t deliver your message
The emailed note was received, but Evernote did not understand the email address. It may have been mistyped, or the user may not exist. Please check to make sure the address was properly entered.

So my question is how to stop forwarding of mails completely?

Best regards,


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10 hours ago, Светослав Стойков said:

So my question is how to stop forwarding of mails completely?

It sounds like you set up a rule in your email to forward emails.  You need to deal with the  issue in the mail app

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