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Chrome Clipper decrease performance of all tabs (a little bit but)


I found that on every computer - Mac or Gnu/Linux - after installing of Evernote Clipper - browser lost some speed of loading of every page. And I found why - and I think that this is incorrect design of software - in the source code of Clipper I found that your extension (that I love to use - like Evernote at all) inject HUJE portion of js into memory - even when user does not use extension now:



Quote from official documentation about developing of extensions for Chrome:


Caution: Consider using event pages instead that persistent false.

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Hi.  We're a (mainly) user-supported forum,  and I'm not sure how many of us would understand your point - I get the general drift,  but can't offer any sensible comment.  Clipper needs to be available on any tab for as long as the browser is open,  so clearly needs to be persistent in some way.  I can't comment on the benefits or options of Evernote's method,  and Evernote won't usually comment on individual posts about content or design.  For a direct response from Evernote I'd suggest you reach out to Support directly if you're a paying customer on https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new or tweet them if not via https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

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Chrome extension can be available for every tab - with

"persistent": false

all this js will be injected only when user pushed the button - for saving of browser speed and battery.

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