This statement is quite laughable. I could rephrase it as "Windows phone is the most popular mobile platform that hardly anybody uses." The mobile market is Android and iOS. You knew that when you got your Windows phone. Years ago, much software development was done on one platform - Windows. With the popularity of MacOS and the explosion of mobile - essentially iOS and Android - lots of software has to be written for multiple platforms. But every software team has to decide where to cut things off. Otherwise, they'll spend all their time on development for marginal platforms and neglect feature improvements and bug fixes for the platforms that the vast majority of their clients use. That in turn puts them at risk of being outcompeted by a rival that is happy to concede the Windows phone, Blackberry, etc., platforms and is focused on the 99.6% of the mobile market that is Android and iOS. As for Blackberry, while the BB keyboard I used a decade ago blows away every touchscreen keyboard, I've used since, even Blackberry understands that their OS is going the way of the dinosaur, which is why they now have an Android phone. For those who want to complain about EN's decision, here is a dose of reality: Source here: Windows phone is the "third most popular platform" at 0.3%. Blackberry rounds to 0.0%. Stick a fork in them, they're done. Both companies have already conceded as much in their recent product development decisions, so I don't see how Evernote can be blamed for following their lead.    PS. Evernote, I wouldn't say no to a couple of months of Premium for helping drive some nails into the coffin of this discussion.  
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