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Do you know where is Evernote's QR code?


hi there,

does anyone how to sync the LastPass Authenticator with Evernote?

I have been trying to look for my account's QR code on Evernote without success.

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Hi.  I use LastPass to log into all my sites and software but I've never had to use a QR code.  Can you explain what you want to do in more detail?  Evernote,  to the best of my knowledge.  doesn't have a QR code though it is possible to embed information and links into QR codes through various apps and websites...

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hi there, Gazumped,

thanks for the reply.

I read that Evernote (EN) allows Lastpass (LP) 2FA Authenticator to be used with EN's 2FA security system.

That's why I thought of upgrading to using LP's Authenticator as it's very convenient with the Touch ID interface, even on the free membership services which I am on.

Please let me know if you have any idea, as I am quite an IT noob.

thanks in advance!

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I managed to install it for amazon, but not evernote.

not sure what went wrong.

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specifically, without the QR code, what do I fill in for the following on LP Authenticator?

under New Account,

1. Service

2. Account

3. Key

any idea?

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The instructions say something about a bar code - where did you find that in your other applications?

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amazon had a QR code... so it makes things pretty idiot-proof.

lastpass comes with a QR code too.

it's not the conventional barcode... it's square in size.

but I am not getting it both in dropbox nor evernote, which are frequently used.

do let me know if u have any luck with typing in the info above, as I don't know what's the correct inputs.

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OK - it'll be some time;  I have a deadline snapping at my heels.  I'll take a look at this in a while :)

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Thanks in advance... if u figure out how to do it.


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