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engberg    79

You can take a picture of such a barcode, but we don't do any special processing on that image.

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d99bjbe    0


I really would like Evernote to be able to scan identify barcode numbers. My use-case:

At work: I have a chemical register where I have to add a security sheet and a product sheet to every chemical product

1. I take a photo or several of the product

2. I mark the barcode in one of them

3. I add whatever documents I need

4. I add all notes to a separate notebook

5. I can sort, find and search for products either by name or barcode.

Compared to your competitor (springpad, I think you have heard of them) it is a far better way of including barcodes in your notes than just try to search for a barcode on the internet. Most of the products I have searched for have not been found.

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cstrombe    1
It would be huge to integrate Evernote with a great barcode scanner like RedLaser


My use case is pretty simple--I have a notebook of books I want to read or buy eventually. Currently I photograph the book cover as the note (I tend to find interesting books while at a bookstore or library browsing around). Would be nice to instead scan the isbn barcode and have the book info populated as the note, even with links to online sources etc.

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lmason    1

I, too, would like a bar code scanner. I take pictures of books that I want to read, make a note and link it to the master to read note. Using bar codes would make that easier.

Also, my daughter is a big reader and I can't remember all the books she has read. I could scan each book she reads and add it to her Books Read Note in EN so I can check, while shopping or at the library, as to the status.

It would help with tracking your home inventory. Just scan everything that comes in that is not a consummable. You would have pricing available, product details, etc. You could then add the receipt, manual, a photo of the object, whatever and you'd be ready for the insurance adjuster after a loss. Of course, you'd still have to add old data but what a great way to keep track of all future purchases.

I'm sure there are many more uses. If Evernote is to be a repository for our important data and data we want to easily access and not lose then adding barcode scanner capabilities would be a great addition.

What uses can you think of?

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Mark923    17

I've brought this up before here, and this topic seems to be low if, nonexistent for future considerations.


I can think of lots of great uses for a scanner to be part of EN. It's a very attractive feature built into SpringPad, I just don't want to use SP.

I agree, it's a no-brainer that EN is used to keep stuff, all stuff, and barcode scanning to scan stuff and store this stuff's information with all that a bar code has embedded with it, seems like a perfectly logical and pragmatic addition to Evernote. However, I have to use a separate app like ShopSavvy, and take that info and share it to my EN account and use it like I want. I don't understand why EN is so resistant to this option. They advocate for making a folder for gift ideas, but how much better would it be if we could make this idea a richer and more complete experience by scanning it and storing it.

I do it with ShopSavvy (I've tried many bar code scanning apps, and SS is the only one I've found where I can 'share' the scanned info to my Evernote acct) and it's a natural, it just isn't part of EN itself. I recommend it.

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ctan001    0

As a Design Engineer, we spend lots time on issue analysis, if we can have bar code scan as one of the text input, I can record all units analysis report, since ecah has unique bar code.

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jakeTX    0

A barcode scanning ability in Evernote would be a win-win for Evernote and their users. For Evernote, barcode scanning would allow Evernote to offer links to online retailers who offer the product associated with the barcode, and Evernote could insert their own affiliate links into the links. (This is similar to how Pinterest monetizes their website).

For Evernote users, barcode scanning connected to Evernote is brilliant. Many shoppers at physical retailers might see products they like but aren't ready to purchase, and can simply snap pictures of the barcodes via their phone's evernote app, for them to refer back to from the convenience of their home or office computer. This experience is superior to barscanning apps on phones that are only useful for immediate price comparison, but not for saving and referring to later.

A barcode scanned into Evernote could trigger an Evernote plugin that creates a pop-up that appears when the highlighted barcode is clicked, and showing online shopping options for that product. Any barcodes that Evernote recognizes can be highlighted a certain color to indicate that the barcode is recognized and that shopping links are available.

This will give Evernote a great way to monetize even their free users. In fact, Evernote could consider giving free users pro-rated upload credits based on the amount of affiliate revenue they generate for Evernote via their shopping from barcode links. This will incentivize customers to shop via Evernote through which they get Evernote upload credit.

Evernote, you are free to thank me for my brilliant idea!

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danny rough    0

i don't know whether evernote has such a function but before you start scanning barcode ,you can find a free barcode scanner on the internet to practise and get to know the ways to do that.

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ka7ple    9

I agree this would be a great feature, maybe somone out there could come up with a barcoding app that would export the barcode, and possibly any information, docuemnts, pics etc, about what the barcode is, like a book title, or picture of the Item to purchase. Either way it would be a very nice feature. I could see many uses for either an app like that, or something integrated directly into EN.

Just my .02 worth.

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afad    0

Yes, that's right. barcode reader plays an important role now. Actually it is the convenience of barcode. We can scan a barcode and then we can read the in formation stored in the barcode. I have created barcode in Java Servlet. At that time I felt amazing, for a small picture can storet that much infro.

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jefito    4,218

Yes, that's right. barcode reader plays an important role now. Actually it is the convenience of barcode. We can scan a barcode and then we can read the in formation stored in the barcode. I have created barcode in Java Servlet. At that time I felt amazing, for a small picture can storet that much infro.

And what does this have to do with Evernote?

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DutchPete    241

I have no idea of Evernote's development road map, but it seems to me they will not include a bar code scanner, this has nothing to do with note-taking, digital filing, etc. You can use a bar code scanner on your phone (3rd party) & set up automation with IFTTT to get it sent to Evernote.

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guenthecat    0

I'm going to echo the request for a barcode scanner here.


I've used Evernote to jot down notes and lists for years, but I admit I'm not a power user.  I have historically just used it for occasionally saving text cross platform.  Anyhow, I'm also a costumer and I have a GIANT vintage and modern pattern library at home.  One of my fellow costumers pointed me to Springpad about a year ago and told me she was using the barcode feature to scan her patterns for reference and lending.  You have no idea how many times we accidentally buy duplicates - even triplicates of patterns when we are out and catch a garage or estate sale and find a gold mine of cheap patterns.  When you have hundred of patterns in your collection spanning hundreds of years of fashion history, it is easy to forget exactly what you have.  Springpad was BRILLIANT for helping us share and collaborate as well as for saving us from buying extras.  Our entire sewing guild went nuts when we saw this organization feature and jumped right into using it voraciously.


While it is true that I can just photograph the patterns and enter them into the notebook that way (actually I have to do that for the vintage stuff that has no barcodes), the detailed information that comes from a good barcode scan is so much faster, and accurate than my data entry.  It's just overall better.


Since Springpad will be no longer by the end of this month, I think you'll see a large number of new and even old users who liked that functionality and wish Evernote had it.  Frankly, if Evernote had beaten Springpad to the punch with that funtionality, I would have never even opened up yet another app account.  I much prefer things to be all in one place!  A barcode scanner would be the thing that would tip me into a paid premium account.  And I don't think that I am alone.

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radico    9

Barcodes and even QR code can be a really great way to pull in a large amount of information very quickly and make it easily searchable.

As input will need to become much more frequent and quicker we need to find ways to add information with much less input and scanning barcodes is just one example.


I am for having this instantly detected with any photo as it would not add any clutter to the note taking process and simply allow more data to be included in the note.




Evernote Power user & creator of IdeaPlaces: A new way to explore and use Evernote


iOS app discussion & beta: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/60737-ideaplaces-a-new-way-to-explore-and-use-evernote/

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tnbagwell    0

I've avoided Evernote mainly because it lacks this very useful feature. It's my single biggest use from an note/organization app...the ability to scan products or books I want to remember, for whatever reason (gifts, future purchase, recommendations for friends, etc.) 


If the feature were to be added, I'd probably leap to Evernote, based on its other features. But without the barcode scanner, I don't have a lot of use for it.

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Jesse K    0

I know this is an old post, but a barcode scanner would be very nice.  My job involves working on systems and we have parts shipped all of the time.  It would be nice to jot down the barcode without hand entering it.  I would totally understand if this was a premium feature, but I would think that this wouldn't involve Evernote on the backend.  I would assume this would be in the app.  Evernote would just get the information from the barcode.


I know there are many QR and barcode scanning apps and assume that the tech wouldn't be that difficult.  (Speaking as a non-coder.  :)  I'm a fan of Evernote and wanted to put my +1 on this topic.  Maybe, integration with Scanalyzer is an idea?


I would also love getting:

  1. ISBN's of books to read or enjoy
  2. Barcodes of ingredients for purchase
  3. Grabbing QR codes without them immediately sending me to a page.
    1. I would like to know where it's sending me and save that to Evernote for future research.
  4. Product Numbers that I could throw a picture under for research later.



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pbelcl    2

I am looking for a possibility to scan a barcode and search for an entry existing this barcode in Evernote.

i want to scan a product barcode and search the coresponding product in evernote to add it to a special catergory!


so i can generate special lists


is this possible ?

maybe with some ad on software ?

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NathanV    2

Hello barcodes and Evernote lovers !


I've created an app to solve this exact problem you're talking about : Barcodes for Evernote.

You can download it on Google Play for free : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.desaxed.barcodesforevernote


As of today, it's only available on Android. However, if you want an iPhone version, please upvote this issue :


Cheers !

Nathan - Desaxed Studios

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