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Viv Ilo Veith

View pdf Inline - option no longer in preferences!

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I must be missing something! At least I hope I am! 

I can no longer find where to set it so Evernote on the Mac shows attachments inline by default. Some of my notes show them that way but a lot of others show them as an icon. This is happening most notably on pdfs and images.

I am a Premium or whatever it is called nowadays subscriber so this should work.

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14 minutes ago, Viv Ilo Veith said:

Evernote on the Mac shows attachments inline by default.

593390d868da3_ScreenShot2017-06-03at9_45_38PM.png.39c59bfb45027986544b7d4f4a0aadfb.pngFor clipped pdfs

Evernote > Preferences > Clipper

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Rats! It is set that way. Maybe I clipped these from when I was using the Windows app (which we can now no longer download at work) or the web app (which I am now forced to use at work) or sent if from another app. I will have to watch.

Thank you for your reply! I had not been able to find it and did not think to look in the clipping section (or thought I had looked).

It is odd that option is in clipping since it really is a VIEW option as that most of us put info into Evernote from so many sources.

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