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Native Handwriting into Notes


I would love to use Apple Pencil better...like in OneNote. So, just write anywhere, mark anywhere, highlight anywhere.
I copy/paste a lot of stuff from the web or other sources, and would like to annotate them, also pictures/graphics. Like drawing an arrow from outside the graphic into it - to show a specific topic/point and making an annotation handwritten. That would be a great support for learning/presenting.

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I second that.

Especially since in iOS11 there will we broad Apple Pencil support in Notes -> this could honestly become a huge evernote competition.

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One of the  benefits of Evernote is that I'm not locked into the editor.

I find the Evernote editor adequate for basic notes, but my favourite writing app on the iPad is Notability.  I store the file as a note attachment in both its format and pdf formats.  This app gives me free form access to the page for handwriting and drawing

Theres another discussion on GoodNotes which has an OCR feature. 

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