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Martin Koh

Notebook Disappeared Suddenly

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This morning I was using iPhone App to transfer a note in a Notebook to another Notebook. To my horror, the note was transferred to the new Notebook, but the Original Notebook disappeared immediately after than. I tried all ways to retrieve, went to Trash to search but the Notebook, together with all its notes, was just nowhere to be found.

This is an important Notebook with over 1000 notes.

Anyone who had this problem before and know what to do, please help.


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10 hours ago, Martin Koh said:

the Original Notebook disappeared

Generally, Notebooks don't disappear.  If you can't find the Notebook, search for a known note

The master copy of your notes is stored on the Evernote servers.  Can you get access to the web platform (www.evernote.com) and verify your notes?



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