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How to explore the contents of the contextmenu?

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Hi there

Anyone of you, please show me how we can explore the contents of the  contextmenu?

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16 hours ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  Which one?

Thank you for reaching me out.

I show you the example as mentioned below.

Please assume what I would like to explore the one is To-do.


I thought I could find To-do if  I searched for it by Explore Evernote from Help, but failed



Under the said circumstance, I have asked you since I would like to settle this issue.

Hope you understand it.

Thank you inadvance.


While I am doing something by using Evernote, say, I cannot work about To-do.

If I can find To-do from context menu , it would be very convenient.

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Hi.  It's not possible to find or save a to-do item from that context menu,  but you could save a search to jump to all to-do's with today's date that are incomplete,  or all to-do's that have been completed,  or any variation on complete/ incomplete inbetween specific dates.

This thread may give you some ideas on that.


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11 hours ago, omaruko said:

find To-do if  I searched for it





As per @gazumped  

search    todo:true will return all notes containing a checkbox that is checked.

search    todo:false will return all notes containing a checkbox that is not checked.

search   todo:* will return all notes containing a checkbox, regardless of whether or not it is checked.

More details on searching at Evernote Search Grammar

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To gazumped  and DTLow

Thank you for your reply.

However I am afraid you cannot understand what I meant. 

That is

To do  is one example. You point it from both note and notebook.  This is not what I want to know.

For example, I would like to know where  Hyperlink is.

Once again, please take a good look at the following Gyazo.


Hyperlink is one of format, To do is also one of format.

The guide book of Evernote says that the dialog box I described is called context menu.

I think Microsoft has such a feature.

Hope understand my said explanation.

Looking forward to receiving from your kind reply.

Thank you in advance.

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I'm afraid I don't understand  - the menu you're showing is the Formatting options - to insert a 'to do' box that can be ticked or unticked,  and to insert of edit a hyperlink.  In both cases you need to have a note open and the cursor flashing in front of the line you wish to make into a tickbox item,  where you wish to insert a hyperlink,  or you need to have selected a hyperlink to edit.  No other activity is possible from that menu and those items.

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