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Evernote Scanner has degraded in quality

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I use the Evernote scanner (the one that is baked into Evernote) on a daily basis. I use it across multiple devices both apple and android. Over the last few months the scanner accuracy on all of my devices has really degraded.

For example, I am simply scanning a white A4 pace of paper a on a background that is a stark contrast to the paper. Evernote idenifies the paper by putting a green border around the paper and then it just sits their continually identifying the paper without automatically taking the scan. I then have to manually press my finger on the screen to capture the scan, at which case there is about a 50 - 50 it will correctly identify the scan as a "document" and not a photo. Another problem is that it will automatically identify the A4 piece of paper - I can see that it has perfectly outlined the paper with its green border, then it takes the scan as it is supposed to, though instead of converting it to a "document" it reverts to a photo, even though the paper was seemingly perfectly identified by the scanner. 

I never used to have this issue and I wonder whether anyone else is experiencing issues lately?

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Hi.  AFAIK Evernote has been upgrading the camera function in light of its experiences with Scannable - which may suggest that won't last in the long run as a separate product.  Don't know that things have gotten majorly worse,  though I tend to use a 'proper' sheet-fed scanner for most of my documents and the device function only when I have to.  Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling it?  Using manual mode on the camera?  Using the device camera instead of Evernote's version?  Worst case scenario would be to look at another app - something like CamScanner that will scan and OCR your documents for you,  and send them to Evernote.

We're (mainly) users here in the Forum,  not Evernote staff.  You could reach out to Support directly if you're a paying customer on https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new or tweet them if not via https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

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My suggestion for Android 

Microsoft Office Lens - freeware 

Camscanner used to be excellent but even my paid version is now plastered with advertising. 

Office Lens aligns nicely, focus is fast and precise. 

The Google Play user rating of Evernote is dropping all the time, not surprising. I too experienced the degradation in the scan app.


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