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Hi there


Please take a good look at the above url to image.

I have been trying to look for the handwriting function in widows, but could not find it.

The latest windows in Evernote is gone. Therefore, we must apply the application such

as Google Chrome or Firefox.

I would like to know whether the handwriting function is still there or already gone.

I look forward to receiving from your reply.

Thank you in advance for your kind help.



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Hi.  The new Windows apps - up to and including the latest beta - all have provision for a New Ink Note,  which allows drawing and writing.  AFAIK though,  Windows doesn't have any great provision for generating handwritten notes,  and Evernote's standard features aren't any better.  There seem to be three ways for Windows users to go.

  1. Use third-party software and/ or hardware to take notes - there are presumably stylus' out there that will work with Windows which include their own software,  as well as browser apps/ extensions.
  2. Take notes on something else - a paper notebook or some such - and scan the finished item in to Evernote. How to capture handwriting and scan documents with your phone
  3. Use other hardware - a tablet or phone - and use a native inbuilt handwriting feature (like S-Notes on Samsung devices) to generate and save the notes.

There are probably other options - I use the 'straight to paper and scan it' route quite happily.  More suggestions welcomed...

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Thank you

I got your explanation. No wonder handwriting function was gone. 

Instead, I am interested in S-Notes how this one is like. This one is news to me. Let me ask you it.

1. Can we use it only PC?

2. Free app or pay something.?

3.Any support or user forum like evernote?

Looking forward to receiving from your reply.

Thank you in advance.



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As it turned out, it is still there in File.

That is

File→New Note→New Ink Note

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