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Devon Smith

Link Color Improvement


I like how the Table of Contents feature links have green text and green lines beneath them and that the links are internal to the Evernote app (Note Link). This helps distinguish which links are internal to Evernote (Note Link) and External (Note URL). However, when I manually create a link to another note using (Note Link), the link is the typical blue text and blue lines of a URL link, despite being an internal link to Evernote. While you can change the text color to green, the line beneath the text remains blue. My ask would be that links internal to Evernote (Note Links) be green text with green lines and that links external to Evernote (Note URL) have blue text and blue lines to facilitate this distinction. This is a Windows Desktop Client request, but I am sure it can be extended to other OS platforms.


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Hmm.  If I do Copy Note Link and then paste into another note I get the same green as a TOC note.  Not sure if it is a setting or whatever, but seems okay for me?


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