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Copy / Paste Symbol(s) from email subject lines

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How do I copy / paste symbols (or emojis) from email subject line into Evernote Note?

This is the specific subject line from a recent email I want to copy / paste into Evernote:

After I high and copy to clipboard, I try CTRL + Shift + V and CTRL + V but nothing works..


Just look what happens...

It's weird too because I've tried changing font family but nothing works. I always get the square box. It works in Notepad!

It even works inside this Forum post!

? Notifying users on multiple channels just got easier

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Hi.  This forum is nothing at all to do with Evernote - apart from it being a home for all these posts - so what is or is not possible here is irrelevant to what happens in a note.  That font / character set doesn't seem to be recognized in Evernote Desktop,  hence the box shape.  Evernote Windows however turns the box into...


... in title,  normal text and code block.  Don't know of any way to change that situation on desktop.

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